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  • Catherine (Sunday, January 07 18 09:21 pm GMT)

    Just a little update Lacey had her last of 3 weekly massage session's last night and has gone from not wanting to get up out of bed to starting to look forward and enjoy her walks she has even started to run again which brought a tears to my eyes. I'm so happy with her progress and the return of her confidence with other dogs normally she gives them a wide birth but now she has started to greet them again. Just have to keep an eye on her now 4/6 weeks she may need another treatment. Thank you Catherine for giving my old girl a new lease of life.

  • Claire (Sunday, December 03 17 03:18 pm GMT)

    Buster visited Catherine following  cruciate surgery and it certainly aided his recovery. His range of movement increased and he noticeably started walking more comfortably on his leg. I was really pleased with the results and we'll definitely be returning for follow up sessions.

  • Nicola (Thursday, November 23 17 08:13 pm GMT)

    Catherine Curtis treated my 9 year old Alaskan malamute Shila over a few sessions with Canine Clinical Massage Therapy as Shila had a couple of injuries, one in her lower back and another that I wasn’t aware of that Catherine found in her inner right back leg that were causing her discomfort and restrictive movement. 
    The results after just one session was amazing, I saw an increase in her movement and temperament.  Usually after a walk Shila was in a lot of pain and was unable to get up on her own, and needed assistance with a sling and veterinary prescribed pain relief.  However, after her third session, I found she no longer needed to use pain relief and was able to get up unaided; she had more mobility and increased energy levels.  Shila no longer is stiff and stilted in her movement, and has actually been playing with her two younger pack members; in fact she’s now acting like a young dog again! 
    What I found that I really liked about her therapy sessions with Catherine was that we were made very welcome, Catherine always took time to make sure that Shila’s comfort was very important, to the point that if Shila decided she had enough of being massaged in a certain area of her body, and that she wanted to get up and have a drink of water it was never a problem, Catherine’s patience was outstanding.  Also as Shila is 60kg she’s far too big to get on a massage table, so Catherine went above and beyond and produced multiple vet beds to ensure that Shila had a very comfy surface to lie down and be massaged on.  My comfort was also a priority for Catherine, there was tea, coffee, and bottled water available at all times.
    All in all I have found this experience very positive and I will certainly rebook for future massage therapy sessions as the results were way beyond any expectation I had.  I have already been recommending Catherine Curtis, Canine Clinical Massage Therapy to other members of my sled dog club and to other dog owners alike.  I really cannot thank Catherine enough for giving back my beautiful girls quality of life.

  • Emma (Sunday, November 12 17 09:41 pm GMT)

    My 5 year old basset, Bailey, underwent spinal surgery aged 11 months. I've always worried about if she's in pain and feel she struggles sometimes on walks. I was ecstatic when she was accepted by Catherine as a case study, although a little dubious as to whether it would make a difference. After the first session I didn't really notice any difference at all. However, different story after the second session. I was truly amazed at the difference in her. She seemed stronger, more sturdy on walks and so much happier when we were out. Catherine was brilliant with her, recognizing when she needed a break, allowing her to settle at her own pace. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough and will be taking her back for regular sessions.

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