What  is Clinical Canine Massage?

A non-invasive, science based therapy, that assists the rehabilitation of muscular injuries and supports orthopaedic conditions.  Massage can stimulate the circulation, flush the lymphatic system of waste products and boost the immune system.  Massage can also reduce pain and tension by inducing an all over calming effect.  It can enhance well being through the release of endorphins and by reducing the levels of some stress hormones.  Massage has been found to support healing, boost energy and reduce recovery time following an injury.  


Can Clinical Canine Massage help my dog?


If your dog suffers with any of the following please get in touch.

  • Hypertonicity
  • Lame/Limpiing
  • Myofascial pain
  • Myalgia and soft tissue injury 
  • Sprain
  • Strain
  • Trigger points
  • Protective muscle splinting
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis  
  • Cruciate Ligament Damage 
  • Breaks & fractures 
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia

  • Luxating Patella

  • Osteochondrosis Dessicans

  • Post operative care 

  • Spondylosis & Spondylitis

  • Ageing

  • Disabled 

  • Overweight

  • Nerves & anxiety 

  • CDRM

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